Multifamily Success Live Boot Camp Testimonials from Las Vegas-

January 15, 16, & 17th 2010

This was great confidence building event. We attended several other RE Seminars where we received great basic knowledge of RE. This seminar gave us tools to be able to apply previous and current knowledge to action.

Very excited about upcoming coaching programs/trainings and findings and closing our 1st deal within 90 – 120 days. This seminar has eliminated all previous fears we had about commercial real estate, especially financing. Great! Fun! Exciting!

–Olga Smith: Surprise,

Lance and Ben,

I really appreciate the team work (community) mentality demonstrated throughout this 3-day experience. Thank you for your thoroughness of presenting the information and the professionalism of your deliverance. I sense your sincerity in looking out for the needs of others and changing family trees forever. Thank you!

–Zachary Neal Smith: Surprise, Arizona

Mr. Edwards gave us an unparalleled multi-unit boot camp. Even though it was 3 days, it seemed like 5 days because of the enormous amount of practical information he gave us. It was a life transformation event for me. He eliminated the fears of the big zeros in multi-unit investing. It definitely is doable now. I am not intimidated at all any more. I now have a plan to pursue my financial freedom.

–Victor Carabello, M.D.: Los Angeles, California

The camp was well done. With the number of hours/days, it was informative and interesting. We all learned a lot about a subject that many of us will use that can earn people money.

It was very practical and had enough examples to help us get through and understand many of the new ideas that we were learning about.

–Dianne Wilson: Savant Lake, Ontario

Attending Multifamily Success with Lance Edwards was the right investment for me. I learned enough to launch this business. I am looking forward to continue attending future training from his company. I will sincerely recommend this course to anyone seeking to enroll.

–Lateff Alade: Alpharetta, Georgia

The 3 day boot camp was very thorough. All facets of the business were covered providing years of insight to jump start a multifamily entrepreneur. I have everything I need and more. Add on training after the boot camp will keep things going.

–Chris Hubbs: Las Vegas, Nevada

I have attended several seminars in the course of Real Estate Development, many have proved to be mostly worthless and without substance. However, luckily for me, I found Lance. Lance has consistently delivered throughout his three day seminar useful and relevant information and I will gladly recommend him to anyone.

–Jags Seepersad:

I really appreciate the way you break what seems like an impossible subject/task into bite-sized pieces and help us see it’s not so scary and insurmountable. Everyone interested in any facet of multifamily housing should definitely get your information and attend a Live Event. It is priceless.

–Tania Reguin: Helena, Montana

Great learning experience, worth every penny and time spent at the live event. I leave feeling confident and ready to find multifamily deals and achieve financial freedom.

–Luis Torres: Deltona, Florida

This was my second time through the Live Boot Camp and the information has really sunk in. I feel very confident that I can find and fund apartment deals. It is always great to associate with like minded, positive people and I am certain that I am leaving here with more friends than I arrived with. Thank you, Lance, for a great seminar!

–Jason Purden: Vancouver, British Columbia

Lance is very personable, dynamic and very knowledgeable when it comes to multifamily. I found his mindset information very helpful and many other parts of the course were full of great information.

In fact, after both my first and second days, I went home with “brain overload” but came back the next day wanting to learn more. I would not hesitate recommending Lance’s course to anyone wanting to better their life.

–Robert Winston: Westlake Village, California

The course, Multifamily Success, is one of the most direct and focused I have ever taken. Lance’s sincere and direct way of presenting is both enlightening and understandable. I feel confident he has given me the tools necessary to become successful in multifamily entrepreneurship.

–Jim Wilson: Savant Lake, Ontario

Success Story Interview with Toni Ward:

MP3 File

“Toni Ward, a graduate of my program, was interviewed about her first successful multifamily deal. Toni debunks the myth that you have to “graduate” from single family housing to multifamily housing.

Listen as Toni shares her experience and what she learned through the process.

Aha Moment Video: It’s never too early to network!

Multifamily Success LIVE student, Brett Shefland, shares his thoughts on the seminar:

“Hi, this is Brett Shefland. I just finished Lance Edwards’ Multifamily Success LIVE here in Las Vegas, NV. It was an excellent three day presentation. Everything Lance had promised, he delivered on. What I really liked was the small class size; it felt like a community and we began our networking here.”

Aha Moment Video: It is possible

Here is one student’s Aha Moment from Lance’s recent Live Event:

“It was when I realized yesterday that it, that it is at least theoretically possible and others have done it to one deal with my J – O – B.”

Success Story Interview with Rich Hadden:

MP3 File

Rich Hadden, a graduate of my Raising Private Money Program, was recently interviewed about his experience with my programs and how I made all of the pieces fit for him to be able to put together his first multifamily deal.

The key ingredient to putting together a multifamily deal lies within your ability to raise private money.

Aha Moment Video: Making it all come true

Your mindset is your most powerful tool. You can have all of the skills you need but if your head isn’t in the game, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Mike Ryan, a student of the Multifamily Success LIVE event, has this to say:

“Yea, hi, my name is Mike Ryan. I Just finished up Lance Edwards’ LIVE event. If you guys want to learn how to Multifamily and you want to learn how to find, fund and find all of the private money that you are looking for, this is the place to be. By far, one of the greatest events and the heart of this course was learning the mindset to make everything , to make all of the things I just said come true.”

Success Story Interview with Jim Craig:

MP3 File

Jim Craig, a member of my multifamily apprentice group, was recently interviewed about apartments, the economy, and how he’s creating success in today’s market.

Jim stresses the importance of mindset and how mindset can overcome today’s economic conditions.

Aha Moment Video: Do it now – not later!

What’s stopping you from beginning your path to Financial Freedom?

Be inspired by what this student of Lance Edwards’ Multifamily Success LIVE has to say:

“Hi, I just finished Lance Edwards’ Multifamily Success LIVE and it was an absolute success! Lance delivered on every single point that he promised and I feel like that I can go out and do the business comfortably. And I also will enjoy the ongoing training that’s gonna happen afterwards. If you can do it, do it now – not later!

Success Story Interview with Beverly DeLong:

MP3 File

Beverly DeLong, a student of my Multifamily Success homestudy course, was recently interviewed about her training, the deals she has put together and what my course has taught her and how it has changed her life.

Listen as Beverly shares her enthusiasm for the program and her amazing success in implementing the skills she has been taught.

Aha Moment Video: You can quit your day job

No goal is too high or dream too big when dealing with multifamily investing.

Hear one student’s dream of quitting his day job:

“My brother and I, we can quit our J-O-B’s if we can get a 200 unit apartment project!”

Success Story Interview with Jon Perry:

Jon Perry, a student of my Multifamily Apprentice Group, was recently interviewed about closing on a 42 unit apartment building. As a favor to you and me, Jon agreed to share the details of closing his first big ticket deal with everyone.

Listen as Jon shares how he found, funded and closed this bank REO in today’s Perfect Storm of Opportunity.

Aha Moment Video: That’s Shocking!

Everyone is feeling the economic woes. We are bombarded everyday by bad news in the market.

Investments in multifamily housing, however, provide a bright spot amidst all of the dim prospects that are out there.

Hear one student’s amazement at this reality:

“I was pretty amazed that in a falling market, when cap rates are falling, that the values of these are going up. That’s, that’s, that’s…shocking.”

AHA Moment- What’s the Catch???

We’re all familiar with the saying “It’s too good to be true.” Sometimes, that’s what you encounter when presenting deals to investors.

Hear one student’s comments regarding how to address the skepticism you might be faced with.

“The example you gave yesterday about the deal with the investor, how they were uh, how their money, their investment, the initial investment was protected, the 800,000 – with that ratio because I’m in the residential real estate and that to me, going to an investor and saying “Look, based on what else is out there right now, you’re, look at your investment. You’re protected by this big of a cushion.”

It’s just like you said, just like you said yesterday; it’s like they’re going “So, what’s the catch?”

Aha Moment Video: Secure YOUR Financial Freedom!

Two students of Lance Edwards’ Mutlifamily Success LIVE event share their enthusiasm:

“We just finished a LIVE event with Lance Edwards and it was great!” We learned a lot…a whole lot! We put some knowledge into this man’s head. One day, he’s going to grow up…and I’m going to work for him probably, but first I’m going to make it as a manager of these systems.”

“I think this Multifamily can take us a long way, and Lance, you know what I’m saying, he gave us a lot of knowledge and I hope that I can remember all of it and use it, and I’m going to use it to secure my Financial Freedom and take myself further in life.”

Multifamily Success Live Boot Camp Testimonials September 25 – 27, 2009

The class was great. I now feel confident to raise the money that I need to buy the property that I now know how to buy. The class is taught with lots of energy and Lance really knows his stuff. I got to meet a lot of great people who have the same vision as me and now I have that much bigger of a network. The class was fantastic.

-Ron Carlson, Dallas, Texas

Lance, As I prepare for my next phase of life I have come to the boot camp with expectations: 1) to leave with enough knowledge to close a deal and 2) to have a stronger mindset. I am leaving with both expectations filled. The Journey Begins –

-Russell P. Fisher, San Antonio, Texas

I was just amazed or perhaps blown away would be a better description. Never having the confidence or the knowledge of ever putting something like a big deal together. Now, with the training, not only do I have knowledge, but the confidence in doing a deal within 90 days. I highly recommend Lance Edwards’ course to anyone, yes, anyone, who is sincere about building wealth for the future. Thanks a million, Lance.

-Lance Washington, Chicago, Illinois

This training has filled in many blanks in my knowledge. The OE/GSI ration was a major revelation in helping me assess deals. Learning how to interview property managers and what questions to ask was also very important to my understanding on how to run the apartment as a business and not just a piece of real estate. Thank you for putting together this program and revealing all of these great informational nuggets.

-Harry Ferber, Manchester, Tennessee

Lance gives a clearer understanding of the benefits of multifamily. He uses simple formulas to understand and analyzes deals. He is the first speaker I have ever heard who understands that teaching mindset is equally or even more important than just the knowledge part. He offers to his students different avenues to increase their mindsets and skillsets.

-Mary Ferber, Manchester, Tennessee

The detailed level of explanation has brought clarity and focus to my personal efforts for success. I appreciate the attention to specifics at all junctures for the educational process. If more classroom teachers (my field of training) utilized this style of instruction, the GED class rolls would be significantly reduced. Thank you for this opportunity to participate and grow personally and professionally.

-John Kerr, Town Creek, Alabama

Lance Edwards’ teaching is one of a kind! He will help you attain the mindset that you will need to get deals done.

-Gene Yoder, Macon, Mississippi

The seminar was fantastic! From start to finish, Lance covered the process of finding, acquiring and funding multifamily properties in a way that was logical in sequence, easy to understand and fun to participate in. I have also met a whole group of great people with similar mindsets. Truly a great experience and highly recommended.

-Jason Purden, Vancouver, British Columbia

Thanks, Lance. Success Live Boot Camp was structured in such a way that gave me the confidence that I could take what I’ve learned and immediately take action to accomplish my goals. I knew going in that it would be a good use of my time. After completing the 3-day event, I was convinced. Now, it’s a matter of taking action. I’m looking forward to being one of Lance’s 3-day Success Live testimonials of “success”!!

Lorraine Fisher, San Antonio, Texas

Lance Edwards’ course is a complete one since it includes the most important and critical aspects of the business; that is finding, funding and properly “asset managing” the properties. Also, the number analysis is a very thorough one. I would recommend this course.

-Mario Rivera, Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

Lance, what I enjoyed about the seminar is the small group size. It gives us a chance to know each other and help each other. Also, the mindset is critical and a key component to my success. The energy at the seminar is very high and motivational. The way you taught and reviewed the information is beneficial to really learn and retain what I have learned. I would highly recommend your seminar. It exceeded my expectations.

-Mary Singleton, Wesley Chapel, Florida

There’s something to be said about loading up on information and an overload of information. Well, this boot camp had not only loaded me up with information, but it’s also given me the confidence and mindset to start my business tomorrow. And that’s really what all of us here are looking for (whether it’s in attending this boot camp or others) a plan of action coupled with the knowledge and confidence to bring it all together and make it happen. If I could sum it up in 3 words, it would be the 3 words echoed by all of the successful people before me. “Yes, I can!”

-Daniel Yoo, Houston, Texas

Better than I had hoped for. The section on “mindset” is something that is not included in any other training that I have taken and is possibly the most important building block in successfully completing anything in life. Having a “millionaire mindset” is essential in becoming a millionaire. Life happens in accordance with our sense of deservedness.

-Duane Flaten, Brier, Washington

I had an AHA – Moment today talking with a broker. I was speaking with a broker

on the East Coast and after disqualifying what he was offering – I was reviewing what

type of property (exactly off the script) – I was looking for. He asked me what part of

the country – I was calling from. I told him that – I was in California and he said that

he had a lot of investors from California that are invested in single family homes in

his area. I asked him – why he thought they weren’t into MultiFamily properties. He

paused and then he said, “That’s too much money for them to come up with” I said –

you’re probably right and secretly inside – went – AHAAAA – OH – YEAH ! !

This just validates what you have been teaching about the mindset of most people

when it comes to pursuing – MultiFamily properties! !

More Deals for US ****

Steve & Lina Mundy

Hi Lance,

I purchased your course a couple of months ago and I want to thank you for putting

together such an awesome educational tool! My wife and I have been full time

RE “entrepreneurs” for the past 4 years and I’m also a licensed agent in Florida.

We are closing on our first deal, 24 units, this month.

Mindset is the definitely playing a big role in our life right now! Everyday I look at

my vision board and dream of the possibilities. My goal is to acquire 300 units in

our first year. A friend of mine sent me this Kentucky project and I have been looking

at how we should structure the deal. It was under contract and scheduled to close

last Friday and their financing fell through. I have some partners that are interested,

but thought I would see if you wanted to look at it first. The initial numbers are below

and I am sending additional emails with all of the detailed property information.

Please let me know if you are interested and your thoughts. Thanks again for all of

your help and I look forward to meeting you in person one day. Please feel free to use

me as a testimonial.

J. Brad Willits

God Bless you Lance…the webinars are truly a blessing. So informative. I love the

straight forwardness and honesty. I also love the patience you use in answering

questions and you always check with the questioner to make sure you have satisfied

their question, a wonderful quality.

Looking forward to everything,

David Glover

Hey Lance, Mike from New Jersey, Just wanted to say last night apprentice webinar

was AWESOME, great Questions and great people on that webinar, I try to surround

myself with Excellent people and you guys are the Big Ticket, looking forward

to thursday night teleseminar also, thanks a million and have a great night, Mike


I want to also thank you for the great class last weekend. I was exhausted by the end

but my head and heart were full of new ideas and new possibilities. I am going to be

in your RPM class in March as well.

I don’t want to get too metaphysical on you, but I want to share with you that I seem

to be undergoing some sort of metamorphosis as a result of your class. My mindset

has always been very frugal. I want to do everything myself in order to save money.

I’m the one at the department store who says, “Well I can make that for a fraction of

the price!” This carries into my real estate investing with terrible results. I keep finding

myself fixing toilets, shampooing carpets, and painting rooms instead of letting other

people do that stuff while I find more deals. The Universe has been trying to teach me

to let that limiting belief go.

It is frightening to let it go because this is one way my ego tries to keep me safe. Does

that make sense to you? I think I’m finally getting it. During your class I realized that I

would have to move past that limiting belief or I will never be able to move on to the

next level. I watched my mind’s objections as you taught. It went something like this,

“the closing costs are too high”, “the due diligence costs are too high,” “who is

going to pay to have all those boxes of paperwork delivered?” My mind was focusing

on pennies and losing sight of the profit potential. If I let it stop me it would have.

There is no way to do apartments if I am only playing “not to lose” or if I am trying

to do it all alone. I will have to learn to trust more.

The interesting thing about this is that here is a prime example of how going after

one’s dreams and desires is actually a spiritual path. I will have to grow spiritually

(which, by the way is my primary goal in this life) in order to realize the material goal.

They are the Same Goal.

It is all very efficient, isn’t it?

Thank you for the lesson,


Good Day – Lance:

I just wanted to let you know how thoroughly – I enjoyed the continuation of your

teleseminar from last week. You put it all together with:

(1) Purpose

(2) Faith

(3) Attitude

(4) Gratitude

(5) Vision Board

(6) Affirmation

(7) Meditation

(8) Story Board

You are 100% correct that your belief system is in your subconscious creating our

habits and by changing our mindset – we can change our habits and the way we

think and the ways that we approach things in our every day life.

Will see you at Multifamily Success LIVE,


The Apprentice class has been great and Lance is full of helpful and practical advice.

Because of Lance’s class, I’m talking to brokers on a weekly basis and hope to

submit my first offer this week.

Sheldray Fleming

Lance is the most forthright, informative, no holds barred instructor I have ever

had. He always offers his students encouragement and a soft kick in the behind when

needed. He motivates us to perform to our highest potential. No student is left behind.

He has put together a webinar that is almost as good as being in a classroom. To my

knowledge no one else has accomplished this. As in his live sessions, he uses a flip

chart as he teaches. This is particularly valuable during deal reviews. Being able to

have an “open mic” during class allows us to interact and learn from each other. He is

very thorough and always takes the time to work us through problems and helps us

find the correct solution.

Lance practices what he teaches and genuinely wants to help us succeed. Without the

knowledge he has empowered to us, I would not have been able to fathom, let alone

seriously consider, a $26 million dollar deal. Lance’s integrity, knowledge and

experience is a refreshing change from many of the national “gurus” out there.

If you are seriously interested in learning about investing in apartments then Lance’s

Multifamily Webinar and/or live events will give you all the knowledge you need to

talk the talk and walk the walk.

Barbara Carter


I would like to say that this 90 day training has been incomparable to any other real

estate investment training I’ve done ( and I’ve done about all of them ). I had some

“how to” already but the mindset training and the accountability for each week quickly

got me doing the uncomfortable things like calling brokers. Now I interview the

brokers to see if I want to work with them! Although I’m continuing on with the post

90 day apprenticing, I feel like I have all the pieces to the puzzle if I had to go it

alone. But I feel the ” community/mastermind effect ” is invaluable and challenges

me to keep up with the group. Thanks again.

Jim McLaughlin

Thanks Guys,

The Multifamily Success LIVE Seminar was by far the best real estate seminar

that I have attended! Thanks everyone for a great weekend of learning and sharing.

Much success to you all.

Silas Minor

Hi Lance,

Rob and I have 6 active LOIs – 2 are in process, 2 have been signed and we are

waiting on acceptance of our counter, 2 are on hold. We are working very hard, and

even though we feel like we are hitting a lot of walls, we are pushing forward. We

definitely could not do it without you and the Apprentice group. Thank you for

your constant encouragement. It is truly needed.

See you on the call tonight.

Kristen Maurice


One of the things I appreciate about our Monday night conference calls is learning

from the other participants. I’m guessing most of us are novices as it applies to

apartment investing. Hearing from others and their experiences is quite helpful.

Another thing which is helpful is your explanation about why things are done or

said. For instance, the past Monday, there was a discussion about the $250 per

door credit which is placed in the LOI and contract. I understand the why you

ask for this, however, your sharing the rebuttal to tell an owner when they question

the credit was valuable information. I believe you said to ask, “Are all your units

rent ready?” If they are not, that could explain why the property is not cash flowing

well and it allow any of us to say that we are going to need to spend money to make

all the units ready to rent…something the owner/manager should have already done.

These insights into why something is said or why something is asked for are

invaluable. Please share more.

Filling out the Data Sheet is not really difficult. Knowing why something is put there

is. These are secrets you have learned over the years and I appreciate your sharing them.

Bob Bentsen

Hi Lance,

Not really a *support* call so much as a *report from the fields* (of Upstate, NY).

Had been playing phone-tag since Friday with my broker contact for a local 61 unit.

We got the call done this afternoon, a good 30 minutes. It felt like the weight of the

world came off of my shoulders! And… good inside information about the investor

whose selling, his “other” properties, and all of the great assistance he’ll provide

structuring owner-financing for us!

And I felt so confident, and saavy, that I phoned my 2nd broker in Rochester (NY) on

a 51 unit, which the broker talked DOWN… weird… (owner not budging, broker

frustrated)… had what appeared to be the right numbers, until we found the 77%

OE/GSI & truer 2% cap rate! Then he tells me that he has four (4) other properties

he’ll send me that are NOT advertised yet!

Closer to what I was looking for! Among them, a 61 unit, 3 bldg package at

$20K/door…she’s motivated!

Feeling good in Upstate, NY… like I’m actually in the game, and able to talk the talk.

God bless,

Steven Pigliavento (Steve P.)

Burnt Hills


Thanks for your thoughts & ideas. I am excited to purchase my 1st multifamily.

I thought of you when I saw this quote.

“Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the

blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” -Napoleon Hill

Best Regards,

Doug Wurster


I think you’re great. After I heard you speak the first time I bought your apartment

home study course. When I heard you were going to speak on private money, I

listened to the call and purchased that course too. You impressed me as being very

knowledgeable and honest. Some of the “gurus” I’ve listened to know their stuff but

seem like they’re only interested in making a buck. I didn’t get that feeling from you.



Thank you Lance for the link.

I have to tell you that I am enjoying the recordings and learning so much from them

and the written material. I am absolutely certain that buying in to your program is one

of the best decisions I’ve made from an education standpoint. My first multi-family

acquisition will have been profoundly influenced by the knowledge and the confidence

gained through this learning experience.

I’m sure to have questions and hope to be able to share them in future Q&A calls.

All my best,

Nelson J Vega


Everytime I’m at a RICH seminar, people ask me how I learned what I know and I

always give credit to you. One of the Board Members even called me aside as asked

me about your course, and I gave you 5 stars!


Norris Williams

Hello Lance,

I have to apologize for the Mexico property I submitted a few days ago. Not for

submitting it per say, but for not following instructions. If I had stuck to the program,

I would have answered my own questions sooner. I got a little excited because I actually

talked with someone and it wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be. Also, I had

to go through the process of thinking through how I could execute such a deal, and it

helped me see things a little clearer. Now, I actually feel like I can do this. Your program

is one of the best I’ve studied for that reason alone. It’s very direct, nuts and bolts

approach with up to date information. Now I just need to get some deals in the pipe

line. Thanks again.


Curtis Minor

Hi Lance,

I took up your course about 10 days back – it was incredible learning and it did open

up quite a few mental boundaries and now I’m looking forward to executing some real

world deals. I have done a full pass of the audios (and materials) provided and I’m

now analyzing deals through loopnet.

I’ll also be attending the Wed evening call.

Thanks a bunch.

Rakesh Vahal

My success story will be one of the more amazing ones since the distance between

where I was and where I will be in 6 months will be incredible–the real testimonial

will come when I have turned mindset into results (through actions).

Guy Riley

Hi Lance,

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for being such a tremendous mentor.

I ventured into real estate last year starting with single family homes but that

experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

Thanks for introducing me to multi-family housing and providing me a sense of

direction. This has been a very positive and enriching experience. I have enjoyed every

moment of it.

Thank you. Thank you Thank you.



I needed to learn from this course in order that I effectively buy, sell or hold multifamily property. The course was fun and exciting. Lance Edwards had a lot to offer his students by way of his personal experiences and knowledge. The course was well worth my time and money vested.

-Darryl Williams

Houston, Texas

Lance, I enjoyed taking the Multifamily Success class for the second time. It has helped greatly to reinforce the information that you feel is critical for buying and managing properties. I highly recommend your training to anyone interested in multifamily real estate.

-Phil Ratinov

Houston, Texas

I felt the course content was very well presented and has helped me acquire knowledge I need to step into the arena of apartment acquisitions with confidence knowing if I don’t have all the answers I have taken the first steps to developing my network of contacts or supporters who will help push me to my goal.

-Bob Segulja

Houston, Texas

I have enjoyed it. I believe I can make it work. There’s a lot to learn. I am very impressed with the way you teach. I very much want to be successful at this and I am going to do everything in my power to be successful.

-Carl Lenzner

Houston, Texas

I’m very glad I took this class. This information is all you need to go and buy, option, lease or flip apartments. The how-to is all covered. The rest is up to the individual. Some folks want ten units while others want 1000 + units. So I highly recommend this to others. No need to be a seminar junkie.

-Rio Garcia

Borger, Texas

Lance Edwards helped me train my mindset and skillset to understand the power of buying apartments and how it can help me achieve the life my family deserves. Thanks, Lance, for helping me see the path I want. See you at the top.

-Jon Perry

Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Lance, Thank you for allowing me back for a full review of the class. I had an opportunity to compare the two formats that you have used to teach the class and I personally feel the previous class held more content and was more extensive than the combined course. I do feel that there is enough content to effectively go out and complete a deal. I would suggest that you add more Real Coach as an additional part of the package.

-Henry Jose Powell

Houston, Texas

Q: Do you have any feedback for tonight’s sessions?

A: Good session tonight Lance! Just what I need as I keep moving forward. I like the mastermind portion…and learn a lot from all of the comments from other students. I’m just getting it going full speed (have started calling brokers, etc) and will have more to contribute going forward

Wes Wuerch

Aha! moment for me, I submitted my first 2 offers today and get a thank you email from one of the brokers.

Leziga Beage

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: When I learned that the private investor in the example could have double his/her money on closing by putting $800k and the forced equity creates a $1.5 M equity situation. Now I see how it would be easy to get private investors to fund the deal.

Thomas Tolare

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: when I could see how i could make a better future for my family

Zafar Syed

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: Learning how you can structure a deal so it can almost be to good to be true for the investor.

Ronald Fielder

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: That private money investors are expecting and demanding lower returns these days thanks to Bernie and company and the poor economy.

Paul Boeder

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: Strategy of preeminence (reinforcement) and the example given of a $4.7 mil apartment being bought for $4mil — and the different ways the investor could benefit – seeing it thru the investors eyes. I love seeing different deal structure possibilities for the same deal and various ways the investor (and I) can benefit – it’s very eye-opening.

Q: Do you have any feedback or testimonial for the session?

A: I don’t think the trial Real Coach should be optional! I got the trial and found it invaluable. I had already done some research and had my own mindset routine, but you and Garrett and Dave added so much to my understanding and to my routine. I’m going to re-join as soon as I can. Mindset routines are not just for buying apartments. They’re for living everyday.

I was laid off and I will not give anyone that much control over me again! I feel like you’ve sent me a lifeboat, and I plan to bring many of my family and friends on board. I also want to do so much in my community for certain causes. I am resolved!

Terri Dobbs

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: The AHA Moment for me was in the structuring of what to give your investor and a high return is not always the answer and to keep as much as you can and still make the investor feel that the transaction is a good deal.

Steve Mundy

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: How truly secure the money is in a multi-family deal, which leads to why it is easier to raise big money for big deals.

Mike Janson

Some people look at a recession as a bad thing. We look at a recession as an opportunity to buy properties at bargin basement prices, AND we only have to pay single digit returns to attract private money! Cha Ching!

Q: Do you have any feedback or testimonial for the session?

A: Lance, as usual, you bring great value, experience and wisdom to each session. I continue to learn more from you as well as the other students on each and every webinar.

Jim Craig

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: My aha moment would definitely be the example done regarding the $800k for $1.5 Million in equity. Lance’s feedback and taking the time to answer my questions definitely helped. The interaction with James offering his idea was great too. Realizing that we can just start the process over and bring in another investor was more of a “Duhhhh!” moment for me… forced me to remember to use the K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple Stupid!) rule. It’s simply amazing how I had missed such a simple concept. Thanks Lance!

Rich Hadden

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: Understanding how to present to a potential client with “what’s in it for them” mindset and defining my role as an entrepreneur instead of an investor.

Kent Greenlee

Q: What was your Aha moment?


Mike Ryan

Q: I am so excited about this, and even more motivated than I already was. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The timing is so perfect!!!

Melanie Pylant

Q: Wow Lance-I am amazed at how fast lives are being changed in this group thanks to you and the essential new mindset in motion very grateful to have these resources and opportunity made available to us and be gettin after it on the ground floor. Made a great (and enthusiastic) contact last nite out of the blue with an Indianapolis title ceo whose e mail today ended with “It was great meeting you last night–let me know more detail regarding your criteria as many deals come across my desk-” Thanks for everything —

Guy Riley

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: The discussion on intermediaries and social networking to fund big deals was very informative.

Paul Boeder

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: My ‘Aha moment’ was finally seeing the power of owning nothing and use of the NNN master lease to control the property…more specifically with how to structure the deal and replacing the seller with a buyer and NNN master lease from the new owner.

Kent Greenlee

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: My “Aha moments” were when Lance and I were discussing LTV/CLTV on apartments and he helped me realize that the CLTV could be on the actual value of the apartment, not on the selling price. My assumption was that value meant selling price. Also, another moment was seeing the LinkedIn question. I’ve been on there for quite a while and never run across the questions section, I’ve only seen groups.

Q: Do you have any feedback or testimonial for the session?

A: Hands down, this was the *BEST* training I’ve ever received. My eyes were opened to new areas I hadn’t considered, but more importantly, I now have specific details on what to look for and how to go about looking for it. I’ve been searching for these things on my own for over 6 months and Lance solved that problem in 2 hours. Thanks a million Lance!

Rich Hadden

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: One was learning what a conduit loan is. A second is hearing that a hedge fund might loan 100% on a deal. A third is the many sources for making connections with potential monied people on the Internet. I’m technologically challenged, but this is motivation to attempt to master some additional Internet skills.

Q: Do you have any feedback or testimonial for the session?

A: This was an excellent session. Three hours is a long session, but you gave a lot of very good information.

I listened to all the modules since last week, retyped the deals you send without the buyer’s identity and contact information, and started sharing those with people I thought might be predisposed to real estate investment. I met with three physicians yesterday who were part of a development company, but none of them is interested in investing in RE at the moment. I just have to persevere.

Jerry Brown

Dear Lance:

Your nuggets this time is just what I needed. I am pursuing financing for 177 unit apartment which in using your training to know if a property is a good deal, I stil get cold feet

second guessing my self and the opposition from

family members. Your training is so complete.

When in doubt, I just refer to your training manual. Thank you. By the way, thanks for the

personal congratulating me.

Highest regards and respect to a world-class

teacher. Sandra

Lance, good advice. I am re-training myself to think of myself as a “REAL ESTATE ENTREPRENEUR”. I am printing new business cards that say “REAL ESTATE ENTREPRENEUR” and “APARTMENT SYNDICATOR”.

Gordon Keck

3/12/2009 – How to Pay Zero Income Tax

Lance demonstrated so beautifully to everyone exactly why and how he’s far and away the best in the business. He has a passion for not only teaching you the knowledge you need, but he has the humanity and insight to realize you need more than knowledge. Helping his students with the mindset to succeed is what sets him apart.

Terri Dobbs

3/14/2009 – Keys to the Vault

Q: Do you have any feedback or testimonial for the session?

A: I learn something new during every session. Thanks for putting together this incredible network and allowing us all to learn from each other, and from you.

Melanie Pylant

3/16/2009 – Apprentice

Q: Can you provide me a testimonial of the program?

A: Lance offers the information, expertise, networking and personal support. All you bring is your motivation to succeed! Apartment Wealth Factory takes it to the next level. Matchmaking deals and dollars…it’s every entrepreneur’s dream! Thanks Lance!

Melanie Pylant

A: big aha moments, emphasis on plural.

1. My first 3or4 sessions of the apt cookbook system were repetitive of the live session so I thought that is all it is, repetition. So I quit listening to them. tonight I learned I was wrong about that and had missed a session on organization and systems. I’ve always believed that having alot on your mind keeps the creative juices from flowing and even keeps you from forward thinking.

2. If you put off mindset for 30 minutes, there’s a 50% chance it won’t happen.

Skip Stevens

3/17/2009 – Keys to the Vault

Q: Do you have any feedback or testimonial for the session?

A: Setting up the deal is what is really scary for me; but I’m feeling more confident as I go along.

Janie Nunez

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: Probably the notion that we’ll need to market, then adjust according to the interest potential investors show. At the same time, we always want to be credible – under-promising and over-performing.

Chuck Clemons

Q: Do you have any feedback or testimonial for the session?

A: Lance, I appreciate the way you put what would seem like unreachable topics to the common person into clear, concise tutorials that connect with the “average Joe”. I find myself racking my brain to come up with questions, but you’ve answered many of them before I can ask them! Well done, as usual!

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: My aha moment would have to be learning the strategies on oversubscribing the deal to help produce your deal-maker fee. Prior to tonight, I was under the impression that this fee only applied to wholesales, Lance thankfully removed that thought from my head. Way to go Lance!

Rich Hadden

Q: Do you have any feedback or testimonial for the session?

A: Very good Lance. There seems to be alot of homework to needs to get done each week tho. Wish it was a longer course so maybe we could take a little longer on getting on the info. I am glad it is recorded!!! Thanks, Cindy

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: How many private lending sources are available

Cindy Kipling

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: The Apartment Wealth Factory will provide built-in exit strategies for our deals as we can flip, sell or find new investors from our own group of student entrepreneurs!

Jim Craig

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: Structuring the deal and the various percentages, one can offer based on the expected return from the investor that was eye opening.

Q: Do you have any feedback or testimonial for the session?

A: The number of money sources was really a discovery for me because I was struggling to find them. The power of brainstorming in increadible.

Samuel Jubert

Q: What was your Aha moment?

A: The table showing the percentage return for the equity partner was an eye-opener. I especially appreciate the explanation of how to calculate the rate of return for the various years.

Q: Do you have any feedback or testimonial for the session?

A: Everything you’re teaching is on the money. I’m working hard to get a deal put together and submitted to you for possible funding. I hope to have an LOI returned to me on Wednesday. This is exciting!

Jerry Brown

3/23/2009 – Apprentice

Q: Can you provide me a testimonial of the program?

A: The program is great because it is a constant learning and recitation of the facts which then gets imbedded in the brain. As always great job to Lance and Jim.

Samuel Jubert

Q: Can you provide me a testimonial of the program?

A: This is a great program and I have already referred this to a couple of my friends though they still haven’t bought into it – I guess they need to work on their mind-set 🙂

Q: Do you have any feedback for tonight’s sessions?

A: This was an excellent session and really energized me. It was finally good to be able to participate rather than watching from the sidelines.

Anil Sikri

Q: What would you like to see more of on future sessions?

A: Like the deal analysis and working through the problems.

Steve Clemons

Q: Do you have any feedback for tonight’s sessions?

A: I really enjoyed the extended Q&A time. I always learn a lot even if I don’t have a question of my own! Jim did great…so exciting to see him teaching now. Way to go!!

Q: What would you like to see more of on future sessions?

A: This may be basic for most people, but maybe talking more about things like loans (like you did tonight…great section on conduits), unforced appreciation (like how much we can expect/project per year; how to figure how much principal will be paid off after X # of years, etc). Anything financial or economic is like Greek to me so it always helps to hear more!

Melanie Pylant

3/24/2009 – Keys to the Vault

Q: Lance, Thank you so much for this course. Like I said this was a life-changing month for me and my new goal is to be able to give back to you and your group, all that you’ve given to me. Thank you for choosing me as the winner of the Money Madness Contest and just in general, Thank you so much!

Q: What was your Aha moment(s)?

A: My aha moment in this course is the wide availability of sources of money. In the final session, we took 45 minutes and listed 18 sources of income and we didn’t even come close to scratching the surface. Also it was an ‘Aha moment’ to see that no one submitted an entry for most money raised. I guess we’re all still fighting those little voices, but with the info I’ve got now and the confidence you’ve instilled in me, that little voice is shrinking to the size of a smurf!

Q: Do you have feedback on this session?

A: Lance’s straight forward guidelines for operating in bounds and for developing your personal training program are immediately actionable. This means that you can participate in the class and then have enough knowledge to go to work immediately. I think this is one of the key selling points to this program. ***IT WORKS NOW***

Q: Can you please provide me a testimonial for the Keys to the Vault Program? Thanks!

A: The Keys to the Vault Program is hands down the best training I’ve ever attended. This course is not only a training course, it builds up a support network. It’s not a read through the book, then go home and figure it out on your own course, but rather a collaborative effort between all of the classmates to advance their money raising skills. You work together to raise a comprehensive and specific list of sources and through that list and the training, the money raising possibilities are endless.

Rich Hadden

Q: Can you please provide me a testimonial for the Keys to the Vault Program? Thanks!

A: I paid 4 times as much for another Finding Private Money live boot camp and home study course and didn’t feel as empowered to actually do it as I do now. Thanks Lance.

Cindy Kipling

Q: Can you please provide me a testimonial for the Keys to the Vault Program? Thanks!

A: This program was awesome. I now have all the knowledge and tools I need to go out and raise private money for any type of investment.

Q: What was your Aha moment(s)?

A: My Aha moment was the Own Nothing, Control Everything deal structure. This concept allows me to look for investors or buyers for the same property and structure the deal based on what I find – this makes it too easy. I am working to have a deal for the next real estate club meeting to try it out on!

Mike Janson

Q: Can you please provide me a testimonial for the Keys to the Vault Program? Thanks!

A: I feel a lot more confident after these sessions to go out and acquire big money.

Janie Nunez

Q: Can you please provide me a testimonial for the Keys to the Vault Program? Thanks!

A: This was a great program it helped me to identify several money sources and must of all it provided support knowing that I am not alone in this journey.

Samuel Jubert

Q: Can you please provide me a testimonial for the Keys to the Vault Program? Thanks!

A: Lance, great job lot’s of useful information. I enjoyed the program and it was worth the time and money. thanks, Mike Maisano

Q: Do you have feedback on this session?

A: This is one of the most exciting courses you have ever created! Cracking the secret code on how to find private money sources is a resource that is priceless!

Q: Can you please provide me a testimonial for the Keys to the Vault Program? Thanks!

A: Lance, You have created the ultimate mastermind group for learning how to raise private funds for commercial real estate deals. Your unique combination of skillset, mindset and community has opened the floodgates in our understanding of how to access private money.

Jim Craig

Q: Do you have feedback on this session?

A: I have learned quite alot – I have used this bootcamp as a cornerstone in the foundation of my future.